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Services Offered ...

SERVICE, REPAIRS & MAINTENACE Service and maintenance are crucial in ensuring that results generated by your laboratory equipment are accurate and up to quality standards. We have Service Engineers with many years of experience and training to help assure your thermal and rheology analysis systems are performing at the highest quality. We provide a full range of support, service, maintenance and repairs at reasonable prices. We offer no charge equipment evaluations when equipment is shipped into us. We will evaluate problem and provide you with and estimate for repairs. You then can decide what to do.

UNLIMITED PHONE SERVICE: Most of the time we can resolve your equipment concerns over the phone. Phone support is provided at no charge to you. Call our main office at 530-666-6700 to be directed to the first available technician. ..:

FIELD SERVICE: Highly-qualified Service Engineers are available to perform on-site diagnostics and repairs for you. We offer discounts on most parts required for the repair of your equipment.

IN-HOUSE REPAIRS: A call to a service technician will help determine if your instrument requires a visit to your facility or if the repairs can be conducted at our facility. More often than not, it is most cost-effective to have your equipment shipped to our main facility for in-house repairs. Upon receiving equipment for repair, we will perform a lab bench evaluation and analysis of your equipment to determine what repairs are required. If you decide to repair or replace your equipment through us, there is no charge for the initial evaluation and analysis.

REFURBISHING EQUIPMENT: Equipment is completely inspected and evaluated. We provide the parts and labor required to completely refurbish your equipment.

PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE SERVICE PLANS: Maintenance and service plans are tailored to fit your equipment, quality control and assurance programs needs. Equipment is completely inspected, evaluated, cleaned, lubricated, adjusted and calibrated with calibration standards. Neglecting equipment maintenance is one of the most common causes of equipment failure. By purchasing a maintenance service plan, your equipment can be kept performing at its best. For more information about the service options available, please call us at our main office at 530-666-6700 to be directed to a technician.

Product Set up and Installation
All equipment purchased from our company comes with an option of installation. We also offer installation services for other equipment at customer facilities. For information about installation services, please contact our main office at 530-666-6700.

Sample Testing
We have a small lab with the necessary equipment to run several types of material. If the purchase of equipment is out of your budget and you need just a few samples run, call us and we will help you determine the best route to take. Our trained staff will run the tests for you and send the results. Pricing varies. There is a discount available for multiple sample runs. For more information, contact us at 530-666-6700 to be directed to the appropriate staff.

We have the experience and technology to customize your equipment, parts, and instruments. Please contact us for more information.
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