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FTIR Thermo Nicolet 380 FTIR

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Thermo Nicolet 380 FTIR compelet with PC and Omnic loaded software, key board mouse and flat screen monitor.
Call us to discuss what configuration you need for your testing.

• Diagnostic checks to ensure optimal performance and check for
“human errors”
• Automatic purge within the accessory to provide quick equilibration
times when an accessory is changed, and exceptional measurement
stability over the long term
• Spectral quality checks monitor data collection to ensure
consistent results
In addition to Smart Accessories, the full-size sample compartment
accommodates most commercially available accessories, helping
you protect your investment by using your existing accessories.
Precise, Reliable Analysis
Thermo Fisher Scientific ISO 9001 engineering and manufacturing
procedures and quality control process ensure reliable results. All
components are pinned-in-place which means they are alignment-free
and user-replaceable. The Nicolet 380 design allows you to achieve
a wavelength precision better than 0.01 cm-1 without using risky
mathematical “fudge factors” that alter data and are difficult to
explain in an SOP.
E.S.P. technology monitors the performance of all key components
to ensure data quality. If the system detects something unusual, either
the problem is fixed automatically or precise, easily understood
recommendations are provided.
The laser beam goes straight into the interferometer, which
contains the only moving part of the spectrometer – the moving
mirror – which is dynamically aligned to compensate for any mirror
tilt, shear, or sag.
System Verification
A comprehensive spectrometer qualification package is available to
verify system performance in compliance with the widely-accepted
ASTM E1421 protocols used for compliance with ISO 9001. The ASTM
method may be run on a routine basis to verify the system is operating
within acceptable performance levels, based on NIST-traceable
calibrated spectral standards.
Product Specifications
Thermo Scientific Nicolet 380 Spectrometer
Accessories Smart Accessories support Standard
Traditional accessory support Standard
Performance Spectral range 7800 – 350 cm-1 using proprietary
KBr beamsplitter
Optical resolution (apodized) < 0.9 cm-1 resolution (standard)
Peak-to-peak noise < 2.2 x 10-5 Abs. (> 22,000:1)
(1 minute scan)
RMS noise (1 minute scan) < 5.5 x 10-6 Abs.
Wavenumber precision Better than 0.01 cm-1 precision at
2000 cm-1
Ordinate linearity (ASTM E1421) < 0.1%T deviation from 0.0%T at
4 cm-1 resolution
Electronics A/D converter 24-bit
On-bench controller DSP-based
Computer Interface Operating system Win 2000, Win XP, Vista
Interface USB 2.0
Warranty 1 year on complete system
Spectrometer Dimensions 50 cm (w) x 58 cm (d) x 23 cm (h) with Smart Accessories;
29 cm (h) with full sample compartment
Spectrometer Weight 24 kg
Sample Compartment Standard, full-sized; 21 cm (w) x 26 cm (d) x 20 cm (h)

Baseplate: single-piece, precision-cast and
machined baseplate incorporating pinnedin-
placed components for extra stability
and reliability; standard purge ports and
low purge volume design
Mirror Optics: proprietary diamond-turned,
pinned-in-place mirrors
Layout: efficient design with short pathlength;
a single mirror from the beamsplitter to the
sample compartment; a single mirror from
the sample compartment to the detector
Source: long-lifetime, dual-mode, high-energy
Ever-Glo source; pre-aligned, pinned
source position for easy replacement
Interferometer: rugged, frictionless electromagnetic
drive; digital dynamic alignment
and digital signal processing (DSP) control
for long-term stability; AutoTune, our
patented technology, for optimization of
system throughput (U.S. Patent 5,883,712)
Reference Laser: reference Helium Neon
laser; pre-aligned, pinned-in-place, and
Desiccant: reusable desiccant in easy-tochange
replaceable bag; visible desiccant
moisture indicator without opening the
system cover
Detector: high-performance DTGS detector
mounted on pre-aligned, pinned-in-place
baseplate for optimal sensitivity

Call us with what configuration you need.

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