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Minitech Tension / Compression Tester

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This is a single-column Universal Tester, Minitech, is ideal for tension and / or compression applictaions where tests up tp 2.5kN can be conducted, lab space is limited and where free access to test are is deirable.


Adhesives Automotive Ceramics Composites Construction Food Packaging Medical Devices Metal Paper Plastic Rubber Film Textile Wood Cords Fibers Wires Nonwovens

Technical Specifications:

From +/- 0.05 up tp +/- 2.5 kN Load Capacity load Frame
Ball Screw drive mechanism for Friction Free operation
Verticle Test Space: 1000mm
Crosshead Testing speed range: 0.05mm/min to 1000mm/min with Digital AC Servo Drive
Speed resolution +/- 0.01 mm/min
Speed Accuracy: +/- 0.2% of set speed
Cross Head return Speed: 1000mm/min
Height: 1600mm
Width 390 mm
Depth: 300mm
Max Power requirment: 250VA
Mechanical Over Travel Limits
AVAILBLE LOAD CELLS FOR THIS MODEL 10N, 20N, 100N, 250N, 500N, 1kN, 2.5kn

Load - Cell with:
Static Laod Capacity of +/- 2.5kN (250Kg)
Self identification and Digital auto Calibration Facility
Auto Ranging
Accuracy +/- 0.5% down ro 1/100th of its capacity
Load indication count up to 5,00,000

Display, Control & additional Options

Special versions can be supplied with wider throats and extended straining frames to suit special purposes.
In addition to standard fixtures, special grips and fixtures can be made for customer applications.
Prminent function keys for ease of use.
Emergency stop switches.


Integral PC ststem running full universal windows software with industry standard and custome specific test methods pre-installed.
Optioal ink printer system mounted on unversal position swivel arm.
Fully digital testing system with high precision control and accuracy, includes automated computor control of test methods giving simplicity of operation.
Ease of testing with digital sample break detection, auto ranging, auto-calibration, quick tare and auto return facilites.
150% overload protection capability of load cells in ension and compression.
Grips and fixtures for tension, compression, flexure, shear and product testing.

Common Specifications
Crosshead Speed Accuracy ( zero or constant load ) : 0.2 % of set speed
Below 2000kgf S-type, other wise Low Profile Universal (LPU, Pan-cake) type load cells are supplied.
Load cells have safe overload of 150% of its capacity.
Load Measurement Accuracy : 0.5 % of reading down to 1/100 of load cell capacity. Meets or exceeds ASTM E-4, Bs1610, DIN 51221, ISO 7500/1, EN 10002-2. JIS B7721 standards.
Strain Measurement Accuracy : 0.5 % of reading down to 1/50 of full scale with ASTM E-83 class B or ISO 9513 class 0.5 extensometer. Meets or exceeds ASTM E-83, BS 3846, ISO 9513 and EN 10002-4 standards.
Single Phase Voltage : 100, 120, 220 or 240 VAC 10 % 47 to 63 Hz. Power supply must be free of spikes, surges or sags exceeding 10 % Of the average voltage.
Operating Temperature : 10 to 38 C
Storage Temperature : - 40C to 66C .
Humidity Range : 10 % to 90 % non-condensing.
Notes :
Total vertical test space is the distance from the top surface of the base platen to the bottom surface of the moving crosshead, excluding load cell. Grips and fixtures.
Total Test Stroke (with standard tensile grips) = 600 mm.(min).
The above specifications were developed in accordance with Dak system Incs standard procedures and are subject to change without Notice.
DAK caters to customized requirement with respect to extended travel range, width, crosshead speed range and test area

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