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Clean Temperature & Humidity Chamber

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Clean Temperature & Humidity Chamber

Models: TH-CR-270


-Standard clean environmental test chambers.
-Silicone free safe construction.
-High quality type 304 grade stainless steel exterior and interior.
-Casters for easy mobility when installing or moving environmental test chamber.
-Convenient maintenance available to view total operating time.
-Unique door lock & trim.
-Vice lock type door and foam silicone packing to ensure a perfect seal.
-Door open warning alarm.
-Inner door.
-Optional inner glass door comes with four holes to handle samples inside the chamber.
-Exhaust duct.
-Exhaust duct is located at the upper right side of the unit.
-Chart Recorder. (optional)
-6 point dot type recorder with digital display.
-Container type tank for easy adding and changing of water.
-Maintenance of the water tank can be easily performed from the front side.
-Checking of the water level and the amount of water remaining in the tank can be performed by looking through the center viewing window.
-Viewing window.
-Tempered glass window provides a clear view of samples in the chamber, beneficial during testing.
-Fluorescent lighting source included.
-Cable port for external probes or wires.
-50mm diameter cable port comes standard on the left side of the unit.
-Additional 50mm or 80mm diameter cable ports can be custom ordered. (optional)
-Easy cleaning of condenser air-filter.
-To prevent deterioration of refrigeration system and keep filter dust free by periodically cleaning the filter.
-Microprocess PID control / Auto-tuning / Calibration.
-Chamber supports three different languages: English, Chinese, and Korean.
-CPU logic control system.
-Optimum control of temperature / humidity with economical power consumption.
-Touch Screen Type Display.
-5.7inch Color LCD display with interactive input system. (only floor type)
-Easily visible set value: set point (SP) / present value (PV) are also added on the colorful LED controller.
-Temperature & humidity, timer settings, and operation conditions.
-Temperature, humidity, and other operating parameters can be recorded using a chart recorder.
-Programming operation.
-Computer interface.
-Software provided.
-Save data in excel format.
-Storage of program information, backup of value settings / recovery, and temperature / humidity values.
-RS-232C port as standard offer.
-RS-485 communication port offers connection of a maximum of 9 temperature & humidity chamber units to one PC. (optional)
-Leakage breaker for power supply.
-Over current protection.
-Over heat protection.
-Automatic shut off after overheat alarm.
-Low and empty water level alarm.
-Door opening alarm.
-Vice lock door closing equipment.


Model #: TH-CR-270

Chamber Volume (L / cu ft) 270 / 9.5
Controller - Programmable, Touch screen type controller (5.7" Color monitor) Local controller (Fixed - command control)
Temperature Range (C / F) -35 to 100 / -31 to 212 without humidity
Temperature Fluctuation  (C / F) at 40C / 60%RH 0.5 / 0.9
Temperature Variation  (C / F) at 40C / 60%RH 0.5 / 0.9
Heating Time without Humidity (min) 60 From -35C to 120C (-31F to 248F)
Cooling Time without Humidity (min) 65 From 20C to -35C (68F to -31F)
Humidity Range (%RH) 50 to 90 at 20C (68F), 40 to 90 at 30C (86F), 30 to 90 at 40 to 85C (104 to 185F)
Humidity Fluctuation  (%RH) 3
Humidity Variation  (%RH) at 60%RH 3
Cleanliness - Class 100 (ISO 14644-1)
Refrigeration System - Mechanical single stage refrigerator system (air-cooled condenser)
Refrigerant - R-404A
Refrigeration Capacity (W) 1500
Cooler - Plate fin cooler
Heater Material - Ni-Cr Wire Heater / SUS sheath Heater
Drying Bulb (W) 2000
Humidity Bulb (W) 2000
Temperature Sensor - Pt 100
Humidity Sensor - Electronic sensor (Free of drying a wet pack and good reaction time)
Interior Material - Stainless steel #304
Exterior Material - Stainless steel #304(Base & Control panels are made of Stainless steel with powder coating)
Insulation Material - Polyurethane
Door Material - Glass wool
Silicon Free (optional) - EPDM for door packing, chamber sealing and tube polyurethane for DI water inlet & drainage
Air Flow - Sirocco fan
Water Supply Capacity 15L (0.53cu ft) - Cartridge type
Water Supply Quality pH6.2 to 7.2 / Electrical conductivity 20microsiemens /cm to below
Dimension (WDH):
Interior (mm / inch) 600700648 / 23.627.625.4
Exterior (mm / inch) 118011201935 / 46.544.176.2
Viewing Windows (mm / inch) 200330 / 7.913
Net Weight (kg / lbs) 40010 / 881.822
Cable Port - Basically one hole provided / 50mm (2inches)Optionally max. two holes available / 50 or 80mm (2 or 3.2inches)
Interface Port - Basically RS-232C [RS-485 [Maximum 9 Units Control] - optional]
Electrical Requirements (230V, 1ph) 60Hz / 29A, 50Hz / 29A
Electrical Requirements (380V, 3ph) 50Hz / 9.6A


Temperature and Humidity Recorder
Water Supply
Cable Port
Water Purifier
Warning Signal Light

  • Model: Environmental Chamber
  • 100 Units in Stock

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