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Cabinet oven for aging of rubber and plastic materials under controlled conditions. This is an oven with shelves that with help of an inner chamber with controlled air change rate have a small variation of temperature in time and space as well as low air speed.

The aging cabinets' are ideal for aging finished products or big samples that is not fitting in a cell oven. Both shelves and rods are included to suit most test samples.

EB 04-II should be connected to external air and the flow meter could be set between 3-20 changes/hour. We have a silent air compressor, EA 01 as accessories.

As accessories can the cabinet be equipped with a window in the door, consisting of 4 glass plates, lighting in the inner chamber and a individual system for controlling the temperature with alarm.

Some important improvements:
Micro PLC control
Improved insulation for lower energy consumption, which means lower environment stress and costs
Improved door sealing
Option with window is now 4 glass window
Lower surface temperature
Settings are done on the color touch screen
Alarm history
Countdown timer
Test name can be given
Easier shelf installation and removal

Comply to standards: ISO 188, ISO 3383, IEC 811 and other technically equivalent standards.
Temperature range

+ 40 C to + 200 C (EB 04-II)
+ 40 C to + 300 C (EB 04-IIHT)

2 sizes are available, 60 liter and 120 liter (inner volume)

Some of the aging cabinets important features:
0,25 C temperature variation in time and space
Controlled air exchange rate and low air speed
The oven is controlled from a PLC (with a color touch screen)
Temperature indicator in the inner chamber
Temperature controller with 0,1 C set point
Adjustable over and under temperature limits with alarm (PLC)
Alarm for low air pressure (PLC)
Indication of power failure (PLC)
Run-time meter (PLC)
Count down timer (PLC)
Cooling channels in the casing for low surface temperature
Optional accessories

EB 04-IIW four pane glass window and lamp illuminating the inner chamber (for EB 04-II, EB 10-II and EB 12-II).
EB 04-IIDS door sensor that turns off fan and heating when the door is opened (for EB 04-II, EB 10-II and EB 12-II).
EB 04IIHP Extra heating element for size 120 l only of both EB 04-II and EB 10-II
EB 04IIHTSE Extra Pt 100 for EB 04-II and EB 10-II
EA 01 Silent air compressor, 115 l/min
EB 04.02-60 and EB 04.02-120 Extra shelves for 60 l and 120 l oven, both for EB 04-II and EB 10-II
EB 04-AP Access Port.
EB-P ramp function for temperature setting in the PLC.
EC 11 monitoring software.
ED 04 computer, PC.
ED 06 UPS 1000 VA double converter.
Network cables.

  • Model: EB-04-11
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