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HAAKE MiniLab Bench Top Lab Twin Screw Extruder

The HAAKE MiniLab is ideal for the
precisely controlled reactive extrusion
of high viscous melts. By running the
instrument in re-circulation mode, the
required reaction time for the reaction
mixture (e.g. a monomer polymer and
catalyst) can be controlled easily. At the
end of the test the re-circulation is stopped
by opening the bypass valve and extruding
the sample as a rod. By measuring the
torque of the drive motor and the pressure
in the backflow channel the reaction
process can be monitored effectively.
Because of the small sample volumes
required and the resulting short reaction
times the combination of the HAAKE
MiniLab and the HAAKE ForceFeeder is
a powerfull tool for the quick analysis of
a test series of samples. Performing the
same test with a standard lab extruder
would take much longer.

The HAAKE MiniLab can be controlled by
using the separate manual control box which
includes a LCD screen for graphical data display
or using the versatile application software.
The manual control box features:
• easy handling with a clear menu structure
• numerical and graphical data monitoring
• storage of up to 10 test setups
• flexible positioning of the display
The application software features:
• Instrument control via standardized RS232
• storage of test setup and test results
in one file
• flexible data documentation
• advanced evaluation methods and
documentation of rheological data
(viscosity, shear stress).

  • Model: Haake MINILAB
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