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New Exstar 7000 Series TG/DTA (Simultaneous TGA, DSC, DTA)

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Hitachi High-Tech Science Exstar TG/DTA 7000 Series -- Simultaneous TGA - DSC - DTA .

Model: Exstar 7200 TG/DTA ambient to 1100 C
Model: Exstar 7300 TG/DTA ambient to 1500 C

High Sensitivity SYSTEMS complete with PC, software, flat screen monitor and more. Newly - developed "Horizontal Digital Dual Beam System" guarantees the highest baseline stability and the lowest noise levels ever seen in TG/DTA Analysis.

New Temperature Control Functions. This revolutionary temperature control circuit minimizes the temperature difference between program and sample temperature. The heating and cooling rate accuracy further improve the quality of the DTA, DSC and TG signal and guarantee high precision temperature readings.

Reduced inner dimensions. Technological improvements have been made to reduce the volume of the chamber housing by 2/3 compared to prior models. The benefits are the possibility of achieving an inert atmosphere with out evacuation and or rapid atmosphere exchange after gas switching.

New Cooling Method "Front Stream Cooling Gas Flow" The gas flows around the furnace were optimized to increase the cooling efficiency. Thus drastically reducing cooling time and therefore enlarges the sample throughput.

Easiest and best furnace available for coupling TG/DTA to MS or FTIR for gas analysis. Software has triggering ability. Several furnace options.

Options available:


RV-1TG Real-Time Sample Observation Unit -- Now you can see visual images of your sample within any selected temperature point during the sample run.

TG-MS Gas Transfer Unit

2 Line Mass Flow Controller

Gas Control Unit

Flow meters

Furnace Tube for Vacuum applications

Furnace Tube for Corrosive Gas applications

RT Instruments Humidity / vapor furnace

Plug Type Balance Beam

Heat-transfer Plate for RV-1TG

  • Model: EXSTAR 7000
  • 1000 Units in Stock

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